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About Derek Finch Associates

How can Derek Finch Associates help?

  • “I feel you have worked magic in just 2 hours, solving a problem that had lasted over a year!”
  • “Mediation was the only thing that worked!”
  • “It was very appropriate because I believe that mutual agreements have ownership are are more likely to succeed in the long term.”
  • “It is most gratifying to see that your work has had such positive results.”
  • “I have to say that I have received nothing but good and positive feedback from customers that have been through the mediation process, so thank you”

Here we highlight some examples of case studies in how mediation provided a solution in a number of conflicts.


Accessing the Service

DFA is committed to anti-discriminatory practice in recruitment of Associates or staff and delivery of services.

We commit to abide by the principles laid down in the equalities policy of any referring authority. DFA shall provide equal opportunity of access to the service to all eligible individuals regardless of race, religion, culture, disability or sexual orientation and shall ensure that in delivering contract mediations we operate in partnership with any referring authority to ensure access to Language Line, interpreters or any other such critical support mechanism (eg Support workers).

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