Derek Finch Associates are proud to announce that we continue to be the Mediation provider of choice for the new Cornwall Housing until 2014 and our Mediation Service is not only for the resolution of neighbourhood conflicts across Cornwall, but also in order to provide an option for Cornwall Housing when clients present as homeless and mediation may be a route through to resolving the cause (and thereby preventing homelessness).

We look forward to continuing to work successfully with the staff and teams in the new company, and trust that we are able to assist them in their aims in achieving safer and settled communities throughout the County.


Our Mediation Service reached a significant milestone in 2012/13 whereby we took our 1000th referral ; the referral rates are rising year on year which signifies an increasing recognition of the power of mediation to not only allow parties to resolve conflicts themselves, but also to do so at significantly less cost than pursuing action through tribunals or the Court process.



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