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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Derek Finch Associates has worked with most of the South West’s local authorities and Housing Associations in a mediation capacity since 2002. Current clients include:

“It is most gratifying to see that your work has had such positive results”

Coastline Housing

“You have provided us with a good service and we want to retain the service.”

Fosseway Living

“They are now talking to each other and are now quite friendly so thanks for your help.”

Devon and Cornwall Housing Association

“I have to say that I have received nothing but good and positive feedback from customers that have been through the mediation process, so thank you”

Coastline Housing

“I am pleased to confirm that the feedback received from my colleagues is very positive about the service you have provided. The referral arrangements seem to be working well and the case mediation proving successful. I would thank you for your firm’s continuing services.”

Devon and Cornwall Housing Association

“Your mediation service is most professional.”

Ocean Housing

“Derek led a mediation session with both members of staff present where he gave each the opportunity to discuss their issues. At the end of the session and agreement was drawn up which both parties signed. This listed a number of simple steps to which both would adhere to make the working relationship more acceptable.

The results were not immediate, but over time the parties began to co-operate with each other and within a few months there were no noticeable problems.

In the same week Derek carried out a further mediation session with two members of the Housing Services team ; a situation which was again clearly resolved by the use of Derek’s mediation skills.

I would not hesitate to engage Derek Finch Associates in resolving such workplace conflict should the need arise in the future”

Sanctuary Housing Association

Here we highlight some examples of case studies in how mediation provided a solution in a number of conflicts.


Accessing the Service

DFA is committed to anti-discriminatory practice in recruitment of Associates or staff and delivery of services.

We commit to abide by the principles laid down in the equalities policy of any referring authority. DFA shall provide equal opportunity of access to the service to all eligible individuals regardless of race, religion, culture, disability or sexual orientation and shall ensure that in delivering contract mediations we operate in partnership with any referring authority to ensure access to Language Line, interpreters or any other such critical support mechanism (eg Support workers).

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